New System Update: Add Login Method

We have just completed latest update to our system. The biggest update is regarding linking your Spreen account to your Facebook account. 

There is no change on the way you login to the system. You should be able to login to Spreen website as usual, whether through normal login (username / password) or through your Facebook account. 

However, you can now add more way to login to Spreen. That is, if you login to Spreen through normal login, then you can now link your Facebook account so you can use it for future login to the same account. Similarly, if you log into Spreen using Facebook, you can set username and password so you can use them in future login. 

If you are interested in adding new login method to your account, then please continue reading this article. 

If you are currently logging into Spreen through normal login (username / password)

You may link your Spreen account to your Facebook account. Steps:
  1. Login to Spreen with username and password
  2. Go to Facebook menu from the top menu
  3. Click 'Continue with Facebook'. You will be asked to login to your Facebook account.
  4. If login is successful, there will be prompt displaying success message. The page should now show your profile picture from your Facebook account. 
  5. To verify whether the linkage is successful, logout from the account. Then, on the login page, click on the Facebook icon to login with Facebook
  6. Verify that the account is the same once login is successful.
If you received the following error message:

this means that your Facebook account has already been linked to another Spreen account. Logout from the account and log into Spreen with your Facebook account instead. 


If you are currently logging into Spreen with your Facebook account

You may set username and password for the account. This way, you can log into the same account with both username/password and Facebook account. 

You'll notice that your current username is prefixed with 'user' followed by random number. Example: user1234567. You can now set a new username that you can remember so you can login with it


[Set username]
  1. Go to Profile
  2. Change your username in Username field
  3. Click 'Save Profile'
[Set password]
  1. Logout from your account
  2. Go to Login
  3. Click 'Forgot Your Password'.
  4. Enter the email address registered to your Spreen account. (If you don't remember, check from Profile page)
  5. You'll receive email containing link to reset your password. Click on the link
  6. Fill in the reset password form
  7. Once the reset password is completed, you should be able to use it in future login

Hope the above information is helpful. We always hear from you, so feel free to contact us if you encounter any issue or simply if you want to provide feedback. 

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